Your child will be the undoing of Camelot. 

Born under an ominous prophecy, you are the incestuous bastard of King Arthur and Morgana Le Fay. Will you fulfill the prophecy, or rebel?

Be the villain they expect you to be, or the hero they don’t- be remorseful or unapologetic, make your destiny or be Morgana’s tool of revenge.

Arthur can’t have any more children, making you the sole Pendragon's blood heir. As a Pendragon, you have the power of dragons. It's the only dragon blood line out of four that has survived, bloodlines that started as a way to create peace between humans and dragons by allowing the former to speak and understand their language, communicate telephatically, summon fire and grow a scale armor.

The Bastard of Camelot is a series of text-based interactive fiction inspired by Arthurian Legends, following Mordred as they become a Knight of the Round Table, and shape the fate of Camelot.

The game focuses on relationships and is character driven.

Content Warning

The protagonist is a child of incest, and the story deals with the topics of incest, rape and abuse.


  • Choose Mordred’s gender: choose their sex assigned at birth, with the freedom to explore their gender identity as they grow up
  • This time, it's up to you how Mordred's story goes: be a villain, a hero or reluctantly caught up in the fate of a kingdom
  • 7 romances- 3 male, 3 female, 1 gender selectable
  • Have a dragon companion, your closest friend

Romance options:

  • Gawain Alistair - Sir Kay’s son. He has brown messy hair and matching eyes, warm beige complexion. He's cheerful, talkative and kind, with a penchant for trouble. Knight of the Round Table and bard. A year older than Mordred.
  • Elaine Beauregard - the youngest child of the Duke of Astolat, your brother’s ex-betrothed turned knight. Wavy golden blonde hair, brown eyes and rosy beige complexion. Brave, stubborn and adventurous, Elaine is determined to become a Knight of the Round Table. A year older than Mordred.
  • Galahad du Lac - Sir Lancelot’s son. Blonde hair, violet gray eyes and a tanned complexion. Aloof and guarded, he's fiercely protective of the people he cares about, with a gentler side peeking through. He's trying to live up to the expectations of everyone, as the son and squire of the Champion Knight. He hates you. Two years older than Mordred.
  • Nimue Wyllt - Merlin’s daughter and apprentice. Straight brown hair, green eyes, golden brown complexion. Mysterious, devious and composed, she's a powerful sorceress. It’s hard to tell how much you can trust her, and she keeps her emotions close to her chest. Three years older than Mordred.
  • Isac Meier - the Rebel King's son. Curly black hair, blue eyes, ivory complexion. Easygoing, brazen and reckless, he's loyal to the rebels' cause. Still, that doesn’t stop him from being friendly - and even possibly more than that - with Mordred. Four years older than Mordred.
  • Sophie Ezzo - the heir of the neighboring kindgom. Tight, corkscrew curls in shades of dark brown, amber eyes and dark, warm brown complexion. Clever, determined and affable, Sophie wishes to take the throne and better her kingdom, but her nobles prefer grooming her younger brother into their puppet. Same age as Mordred. 
  • Agravain Rivlin - gender selectable. Knight of the Round Table and bastard of a noble. Black hair, black eyes, russet brown complexion. They want to prove themselves and spite their abusers by becoming a powerful knight, but their desire for success is underlined by a thirst for revenge. Sweet and keen but turns brash to hide vulnerability. A year younger than Mordred.

If you enjoy my work and would like to support me while also getting extra content, you can do so on my Patreon:

Extra content includes: early access, weekly development blogs, monthly short stories and mini-games with shifted POVs!

If you enjoy my work and you're feeling generous, please consider buying me a kofi. You can also get early access to the demo, weekly development blogs and a monthly short story if you become a member!

Updated 10 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreInteractive Fiction
Tagsarthurian, Dragons, drama, Fantasy, Magic, Queer, Romance

Development log


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when the new update comes out?




According to Llama's tumblr, the next update is coming out in a couple of months, which consists of the next half of chapter 3! The Patreon/Kofi demo has already been updated with another segment of chapter 3, however. 


oh no i got dangerously invested in ANOTHER IF 

i cant put into words how much i love your writing whsjwjdn currently playing as a trans man Mordred and came out towards the end of chapter 3, hearing him call me son actually made me cry dammit

going to charm Galahad 👀👀 i love all the characters so far, so many complicated feelings about Morgana and Arthur though! gah! i do love how you gave Morgana so much depth, she isnt just a heartless mom or bad just because, she's wounded and copes with it the only way she knows how. amazing writing whsjwkd cant wait for the next update


Now, I'll be honest. So far, the Mother seems like a quite horrible person who is selfish and adamant they are correct purely based on passed events. 

when is the new update coming?


I don't know for sure, hoping to post the rest of chapter 3 sometimes in November! The game is currently receiving updates on the Patreon/Kofi demo (I've added details and links on the game's page here and in my bio for anyone interested). At the moment, the Patreon/Kofi demo contains a new Galahad scene,  the intro of a new character (and more!), as well as general edits, small new additions, some new aesthetics.


Ok, I just did a replay and I snorted at the scene where Lancelot's picking at his food. Just... the great Knight's Champion, "My son will be the saviour of Camelot, woe be to those who cross my king", the big guy, just stabbing at his food like an angry toddler is so hilarious. 


I’m buying this game  even if it costs $100 


mordred will cry her way into everyone's hearts if its the last thing i do!!!

in all seriousness, bastard of camelot is a great game and i look forward to seeing more of it! :)


Thats the way.

(1 edit) (+6)

Just coming back after a long long while to say that I love this game and am will wait patiently for future content. I legit feel so bad for Mordred, but that's what makes the story so engaging to me...! And it's super interesting that you can make him... Well... Not exactly kind and innocent either. It makes one think about how life and things that happen to us shape us, but how much of that is also because we allow it to happen? It hurts less if we fight and bite back, you know? I mean, he's still a kid so of course the adults are majorly to blame here, but if nobody tries to reach out to him if he's on a skeptical/warpath route when he's older things could end veeeery badly for everyone... Which would be very intriguing (albeit tragical) to read too. Ahh there are so many possibilities! This is one of the few stories out there I've actually went out of my way to try all the options available. You have been  quite thoughtful when writing viewpoints for the many personalities of Mordred, so it's very interesting to try new things...! Thanks again for sharing your work, I hope you are healthy and content wherever you are!


This is by far my favorite IF. The different POVs are so great and show how people react to Mordred. In my case with a shy crybaby Mordred it breaks the heart of Arthur to see his child crying like this and he cant do much to help her. Keep up the good work Llamagirl and keep yourself healthy too. 




very good game please keep working on it!


Thank you, I am working on it! ❤


Love it can't wait for more Updates 🥰


Que sabor delicioso é essa história! Amo❤️❤️


i love this game <3!!!


I love this game, mostly because I love Arthurian legend. I hope you enjoy creating this game.

(1 edit) (+9)

I cant wait for chapter 4 and the rest of 3! This is by far the best IF I have ever read. Crybaby Mordred FTW! :3


I plaid this a while ago but never mentioned how much I appreciated the way you get to navigate Mordred's gender. Playing Mordred as trans,  the very last scene before the demo ends warmed my entire heart 




I really enjoyed how complex all the characters are especially Morgana. Incredibly enjoyable first 3 chapters. I would have liked the ability to choose neutral pronouns from the start though.


I cannot praise this author writing and work into giving such a fleshed out story

Like I have no words tysm for this my eyeballs have been cleansed my crops are watered and I'm living the good life as a bastard LOL

(2 edits) (+10)

(spoilers)Not that I'm not glad but it feels shocking that this was for free. I spent the whole night to finish it. I've bought and played many Choice of games/Hosted games stories and this tops a lot of them in quality even if it's on itch. 

My favourite characters are both Accolon and Gareth<3 accolon is the sweetest father he's so understanding and caring. 

I also couldn't help but love all the characters, even the ones that were supposed to bad, had feelings and reasons of why they are that way.  Idk why i tend to become really emotional when it comes to Arthur. His internal conflict and how he always tried.. somehow often made me tear up everytime. I didn't like his abandonment but I understood his shame. I kinda forgave him everytime.

Morgana is complicated. She was caring but was consumed by hatred evident by the lengths she went for revenge. She kinda used her daughter as a tool, still that doesn't change how caring and genuine her love was.

Gawain and Galahad? Love both. I wish there were more interactions with Galahad too:( the story was also really entertaining. Really sorry for the wall of text. Cant wait for next chapter

(1 edit)

As someone that has read a lot of CoG/Hosted titles, and an artist myself, I completely second that and I wish there was a donate button. 


Well, there sort of is. This is the link to the authors patreon and I believe they have a kofi as well if thats something you're interested in.

Oh, thank you! Man, I must be either really distracted or tired as of late. I'll take a look!


This is really good, can't wait for more!


I love this so fricking much my fricking gosh fricking heck ahhhhhhhh!!! Thank you for making such an amazing story really!!!


FINALLY, an interactive story where i can project my mommy and daddy issues!

also gawain is sooo cute omg come here im going to give him a little kith hes adorable


Who else is (re)playing this just to make a Mordred with daddy issues?


I love this story! Can't wait for more chapters!


Here's the dev's Tumblr in case anyone is interested: Llama's writing (

I knew there was one but, as far as I can tell, it's not posted anywhere here. I was hoping for a dev update post, but I don't think I saw one. It looks like dev's out of school for the summer, so hopefully that means they'll have time to update soon. 🤞🏽


Thanks for linking it, I have it here on my itch profile but I haven't thought of adding it on the game page too. 

Yeah, I haven't posted any dev update yet (haven't been active in general) but soon I'll be done with my bachelor's thesis and I want to get back to working on the game.


Damn this is good.  Love the family dynamic in this.


this is one of my favourite games here on, keep up the good work :]


This is so amazing! keep up the amazing work!!


this is so good omg


Aaaaah I've been looking everywhere when I noticed the game version I was reading wasn't going to be updated again. Glad to have found your work here. You have a very entertaining writing style, the characters are very... Endearing? I guess I mean to say that it makes me want to empathise with the things they do/have went through, even when they aren't exactly good towards the MC. As they say, it's what life has taken from you that gives you shape, scars 'n all. You have made things intriguing to explore so far, and I'm pleased with the amount of the questions/reactions my character can have, and the following reactions from those around them. Looking forward for more...! 

Please take your time. No pressure is bad for both work and learning, but too much pressure, from others or oneself, makes one crack. As an artist, I can't help but remember my other creative fellows that they too need moments to dive into the wondrous works from other's and take a break from their own. Hope this messages finds you in peaceful spirits.


So glad I found your work again! Been wondering where you went. I love this work so much and I can't wait for the updates. I told myself that I'm going to make Mordred more confident than the one I did with the dashingdon demo, but I can't stop making him a crybaby. It's just too cute. 😭


That's absolutely fantastic and I love every bit 😍

Can't wait to read the rest of this story!


I honestly did not expect to enjoy the story as much as do. Especially since I’m not the biggest fan of the Arthurian legend but, omg..this is one the best IFs I’ve ever played. Everything is written beautifully and keeps you invested in the characters. I can’t wait to see how the story continues!


Quick question: I remember scrolling through your tumblr and I could've sworn their was a discord for TBOC.  If there is one, could you drop the link? (I asked this on tumblr but for some reason my ask never sent. Also, I'm pretty sure this is not the space to ask this but for the life of me I don't know where else to do this.) 

Nvm, I found it by going through the archive! 


Damn. This is really good. I'm actually upset I've finished it so far.


me trying to do an enemies to lovers trope with galahad: 


Same, but for me it then circles back to enemies 

(1 edit) (+3)

This is written so well! Love the setting and dragon companion! I can't wait to read more. Definitely one of my new favorite stories on here.


Can't wait for a time skip!!!

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